Watch It Wednesday

So every wednesday, the good folks at Engadget crawl out of bed, throw in some pop tarts in the microwave and drag themselves to their pc so they could post their weekly wristwatch feature where they check out every mutated half breed gadget watch they can find i.e. The Linux Watch or the Decision Maker Watch.

We, on the other hand, swoop in and select the ones we like – like the three featured below:

The Truth Detector

A Mini Lie Detector Watch that actually works! Just ask the person you want to test to hold their index and middle fingers against the bio-feedback sensors on the watch, ask them a question and then take a look at the chart on the watch. The more bars appear on the screen, the less likely they are being honest with you.

Seiko’s Frequency

Seiko continues on packing in the gadgets with it’s “Frequency” watch – A retro Nineties wristwatch that comes with a built-in beat box!

Nixie WristWatch

Nixie Tubes use glowing bottles of ionized gas to form letters and digits, and are usually found in gear from the former Soviet Union. This is probably the first time we’ve seen it in a Watch.

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