Medical ID Tag Watch

This is a great utility watch – The CADEX Medication Reminder, not only reminds you when its time for your medication (and it’ll keep on telling you until you take it), but it’ll tell you what medication you require and if things don’t look good, it comes with an alert button that will display the following information (Similar to a medical I.D.) on your screen so you get immediate help:

Your name and phone number
Medical conditions (i.e. diabetic, pacemaker, hemophiliac, etc.)
Allergies (i.e. penicillin, bee stings, peanuts, etc.)
Current medications
Doctor’s name and phone number
Blood type
Date of birth
Health insurance company and phone number
Health insurance policy number
Social Security number
Taking medications on time and in the prescribed doses allows you to experience the full effectiveness of your medication.


Time and Date
12 Daily Alarms with memos up to 36 characters
Euro Size is convenient for both men and women
Pendant conversion kit is available for those who do not wish to wear the watch on their wrist
Easy to set and use
Recommended by doctors, nurses and pharmacists
Water and shock resistant
Emergency identification button which provides immediate important health information to medical personnel

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