Next Generation Digital Model-T

Working prototype watch by Pelikon

It just seems like yesterday that Fossil was selling retro watches in tin cans, and now it’s bought Michele watches for a cool $150 mil, roped in designers like Philippe Starck and finally spotted giving hickeys to the likes of Pelikon – one of the leading Interface Display companies, pledging to “change the face of watches”, and change the face of watches is what they’re going to do, by replacing the face display with one of Pelikon’s SEL display that is ten times thinner than the LCD and from the looks of Pelikon’s working prototype, very flexible too.

The Pelikon’s display is very flexible

While it looks all promising at the moment, it still isn’t without its drawbacks i.e. the displays are emissive and aren’t suitable for viewing in direct sunlight, they don’t have a great lifetime which is inversely related to its brightness and its not very robust. Plus, given that blue is its strongest color, it doesn’t leave much room for other colors. Still, it is the Model T of its kind and we’ll see more of these in the future as the technology improves.

Other SEL applications include this SEL cell phone prototype

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