From August, 2004

Announcement: Show Coverage

If you’re mildly interested in watches, you might have heard about Basel, the premier show for watches, well, this is the other big one – The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Exhibition with up to 800 exhibitors from 15 countries or regions and we’ll be there to cover it blow by blow. Its going to be from September 1st to the 5th so stay tuned for daily reports.

Next Generation Digital Model-T

Working prototype watch by Pelikon It just seems like yesterday that Fossil was selling retro watches in tin cans, and now it’s bought Michele watches for a cool $150 mil, roped in designers like Philippe Starck and finally spotted giving hickeys to the likes of Pelikon – one of the leading Interface Display companies, pledging to “change the face of watches”, and change the face of watches is what they’re going to do, by replacing the face display with one of Pelikon’s SEL display that is ten times thinner than the LCD and from the looks of Pelikon’s working prototype,…

Edtior’s Note: Permalinks changed

I’ve changed the permalinks on the site. So instead of every page ending in .html, it won’t need one. I had initially done it to help with the transition from our old blogger setup, however, because of it the archives were inaccessible. So, please update your links if you were previously linking to a particular post.

Sound Sculpture

Ever since man put a price on time, Timepieces have been judged for their horological or decorative values, but rarely for their aural experience, that is, until the much recent rise of the quartz movement. Ask any watch aficionado today about their mechanical collection, and they won’t fail to mention the sound and feeling they get when they wind up their mechanical watch. With this in mind, I recently had a conversation with Douglas Repetto, the creator of the Sine Clock, a sound sculpture that keeps time with sound by encoding it in a set of sine waves: Wrist: Your…

Wooden Clock

It might look like a block of wood, but plug it in and it’ll tell you the time. No idea as to how it works, but it would certainly look at home in a Muji store. related url 4Senses Interior (Link via MoCoLoCo)

Horology of the Body

In the future, your P Diddy blessed $7,200 diamond encrusted chronograph won’t just tell you the world time, or the status of your stock portfolio but believe it or not, according to a new study published in Japan – a display of your individual body time. (and maybe even deliver “drug treatments at certain body times. wink.) The report described how the authors analyzed more than 100 time-indicating genes in a test mouse and developing a “molecular timetable” that provided an accurate body time based on the sampling of gene expression levels at a single point in time. Can’t wait.…

Optimise Sleep

More measuring devices from the future -> This one in particular is part of an exhibition about fictional products from the future. We gave it four Louis Vutton knockoff watches out of five. The text reads: “Most of us didn’t get enough sleep last night which will have affected our performance today – at work and play. Sleepwell can help you manage your sleep and fit it back into your life. Our watches monitor your sleep and dynamically create a schedule so you can recover the rest you deserve. Sleepwell. you’ll feel brighter for it.” related url Human Beans (via…