Where’s Waldo – The RFID Watch

Name: Wavelength
What is it: RFID Item and Child Management
Designers: Elijah Wiegmann & Justin Johnsen, Pennsylvania, USA
Status: Prototype
Source: ID Fuel Bonfire #1 competition

There will always be room for improvement when it comes to travel accessories, so when ID Fuel held their first ever Bonfire design competition, it was no surprise that they received some really good entries like the “Wavelength” – A Radio Frequency ID (RFID) kit that would help you keep track of your luggage, wallet and even your children by either sliding in a RFID card into your wallet, dropping a RFID pebble in to your luggage, or making your child wear a cleverly disguised RFID watch.

The RFID watch would have a secure latch so that the child could not take off the watch on his or her own. All of the devices in the kit would be monitored through a base unit small enough to be carried in your pocket or on a clip. If any of your RFID devices were seperated by more than twelve feed, an alarm would notify the user.

While this is just a prototype, I don’t think it’ll take too long before you’ll see similar commercial devices in the market.

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