Watch interface of the future

Huddled in the corner at this year’s DoCoMo booth at “Wireless Japan” exhibition was a prototype for the “future of cellular phones” or as we would like to call it a possible “watch interface of the future”.

Named the “UniButton”, the watch works by detecting vibrations in your body. The prototype on display could switch the light on and off by snapping the fingers.

g to the senior chief engineer, Masarou Fukumoto, gave an explanation o­n the technology: “it has an internal single axis acceleration sensor, which recognizes the frequency of waves generated by the snapping of the fingers. These frequency of the waves represent the sound that can be heard by putting your arm up to your ear, then hitting it with your fingers – we call this ‘shock acceleration.’ By including o­nly a simple shock sensor, there could be times when the switch is triggered by o­nly swinging the arm; we’ve made it so that o­nly an impact will trigger the switch. Though this technology does not have much to do with cellular phones, it “will be an easy to understand interface” for the corporations of the future.

source: tech japan (via gizmodo)


  1. i’m think i’m going to stick to my g-shock…. unless ofcourse you ship me a nice kenneth cole ;)

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