Clock Radio is winner

Name: AJ3136 Clock Radio
Designer: Annemieke Fröger, Philips Design, The Netherlands
Contact: +31.40.2759066 (email)
Credit: Philips, China

This year’s IDEA awards features only one time related entry – A Philips Clock Radio that got a bronze in the consumer products category. According to the brief, the round device features include easy-to-hold-and-use interface that allows personalization of wake-up sounds, called the “Roll Me Over” function. The display rotates as the clock is rolled over thanks to a directional sensor.

Its interesting to note how the core watch industry generally seems to be isolated from the larger product design community, otherwise we would’ve probably seen more entries.


  1. I’m not very keen on the over designed looks of Philips products. They invented the most amazing things, like the CD, but good design was never their thing. It’s nice to see an award go to a Dutch designer though :)

    BTW. Love the new wrist fashion layout!

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