A better ambient device

Name: Amun
Designer: Peter Riering-Czekalla, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts & Design,
Contact : Germany +49.172.2873.335, (email)

Continuing on the Ambient Device bandwagon is Amun, a winner in the Student category at this year’s IDEA awards. The device is meant to increase awareness of energy consumption by giving the user a realtime view of the amount of energy consumed in the house via a digital display and a pulsing glow.

While we aren’t sure how the glow plays a role in this device, we still personally feel that this is a better application than the ones currently churned out by Ambient Devices, Inc. So if this isn’t version isn’t ambient, we wouldn’t surprised if it ever did become one in a future incarnation.


  1. Hey guys,
    It is nice to see this product on your page but I have to mention that it was a teamwork! The other designers are Sebastian Ritzler and Vincent Weckert.

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