Seiko’s gone designer

Name: Wired – the XYZ chronograph.
Manufacturer: Seiko
Movement: Seiko quartz caliber.
Details: The stainless steel case measures 35mm X 37mm X 11mm. The crystal is mineral.
Suggested Retail Price: $150.

Now we aren’t trying to suggest that Seiko manufactured clunky old LADAs (Reference to those boxy Russian cars), but it seems as if the brand has been hunting down designers over the past few years in its quest to expand their range. According to well placed sources, we have learned that its probably part of an internal shift in the company.

Some of the new watches include their new sub-brand – Wired with their XYZ chronograph (pictured above)

A. Designer: Harri Koskinen of Finland
Suggested Retail Price: $350-$550
Label: Issey Miyake
Manufacturer: Seiko

B. Label: Perry Ellis
Manufacturer: Seiko

Also, recently announced is Issey Miyake’s Vakio, which is his second series of wristwatches for Seiko, and a new license agreement with Perry Ellis.


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  2. Actually I think the XYZ chronograph is pretty cool. Say what you want about Seiko but I still have mine, probably from the 80′s but it still works. I seriously just changed out the batter to check and totally still works.
    Now that they’re going higher end and getting some great designers, I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of excited. I think I’m going to get one.
    Thanks for the post, I wouldn’t have know about it otherwise.

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