Editor’s Note: Guardian Blog Pick and other news

We just got picked by UK’s The Guardian as their blog of the week.

Jane Perrone of the Guardian writes – “This is a first for me: a blog about watches. As a fan of horology (current watch: 1960s Tressa automatic bought on eBay) this blog could keep me entertained for hours. My only request? More on vintage timepieces, please.”

Well Jane, We don’t intend to disappoint so watch this space.

Other than that, we have some topics we’ll be writing about in the future and if you think you have something to say, do email us:

1. The Future of Watches – We’re going to go over trends, predictions and current Industry attitudes towards change.

2. Have you ever had a question you wished you could ask a manufacturer or designer of a watch? Well then, email us and we’ll maintain a list that we’ll refer to whenever we get hold of one.

So drop us a line at wrist@wristfashion.com.


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