Clocks need love too

Rather than shun clocks like every other watch publication, We at Wrist Fashion embrace our obese cousins. So what if we can’t balance them on our wrists, they tell time too and they sure can do a little more, like the ones we gathered for our special roundup:

Name: Digital Dali
Designer: Normal
Dimensions: w180 x d115 x h158mm

Someone finally created Salvador Dali’s famous soft clocks. It even feels soft because of its silicon exterior.

Unfortunately, it only exists currently as a working prototype.

Name: World Time clock
Designer: Charlotte Van Der Waals, 2001
Manufacturer: Charlotte Van Der Waals, The Netherlands
Materials: Plastic, steel, glass
Dimensions: 2″ long 2″ dia
Price: $70.00
Store: Moss

Simplicity + Functionality – All you need to do is turn this twelve sided clock to change the time zones for each of the cities labeled. The label denotes the 12 o’clock marker.

Designer: Phillippe Starck
Company: Oregon Scientific

Philippe Starck has a thing for clocks and now he’s gone and designed one too and that also the Bruce Wayne of all clocks with its own personal bat signal. It displays the local weather too.

Name: Wall Organizer TaskWatch
Design: Artemy Lebedev, Ilya Mikhailov, Timur Bourbaev, Alexey Zalata
Release Date: 14.05.2004
Dimensions: 50×45, 50×90 and 100×90 cm.

You would think a wall organizer like this one would be practical – a whiteboard with a clock so you could write down your appointments or keep everyone informed, except the designers have created three models, each of them eccentric.

A. TaskWatch for girls
B. TaskWatch for the creative people. There are only arms for hours and seconds
C. TaskWatch for the office. Clock shows only working hours

Name: Time Table
Designer: Normal
Dimensions: W1300 x D800 x H750mm
Misc: The digit segment is made of electro-luminescent film which makes the strucutre very thin. (6cm)

And finally, trust Normal to come up with this – a slim digital clock table to accentuate your room.

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