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June 28, 2004

What’s Next: Ambient Devices

Perhaps its time now to emulate probably the first modern ubiquitous technology – the clock and the watch.

Especially given the current seemingly rampant epidemic outbreak of new technologies set to make waves in our lives in the near future.

Ambient Devices, Inc certainly thinks so.

Its banking on the idea that the next ubiquous technology are ambient interfaces that fulfill the demands of the information age. Its premise is that with information technologies creeping into our workplace, our hospitals and in our way of life, we have created a need for constant awareness of certain informations such as the status of your portfolio, the health of an aging patient or parent, weather, score of a game, heavy traffic .. and the list goes on.

A need that they predict needs an ambient interface which would make this type of information glanceable and as embedded as your watch.

Weather Beacon – $179

While the full promised practical potential of Ambient devices have yet to seen, current applications include a Weather beacon, pictured above ($179), that shows you your local weather through a special wireless radio network. Of course, this wouldn’t work so well if the weather in your area wasn’t unpredictable.

Ambient Orb – $149

Then there’s the Ambient Orb – A more flexible product that you could use to monitor not only the weather, your stock portfolio or if your boss or the person you’re stalking is on instant messenger.

Maybe even use it as a glorified babysitter in the future if you could make it show red if it detected nudity on television or on a family computer screen.

Executive Dashboard – TBA

Or you could use the Executive Dashboard that provides a little more detail with its analog display.

Future applications though seem more practical – such as the ambient panels for business purposes such as auctions, detect voicemails, a keychain that detects the amount of traffic, and a Health watch that shows prescription related lights that are completely synchronized with doctor recommended medication times. Its great for old folks.

Also in the works is an expansion on the idea by including form, movement and sound to future ambient devices.

After all, why waste a perfectly good physical environment.


William Taggart writes in to say:
“There are thousands of candidates for this honor (modern ubiquous technology) but my vote would go to the written word, which predates mechanical timekeeping by many thousands of years.” Honest mistake. I meant “Gadget”.

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June 23, 2004

Seiko’s gone designer

Name: Wired – the XYZ chronograph.
Manufacturer: Seiko
Movement: Seiko quartz caliber.
Details: The stainless steel case measures 35mm X 37mm X 11mm. The crystal is mineral.
Suggested Retail Price: $150.

Now we aren’t trying to suggest that Seiko manufactured clunky old LADAs (Reference to those boxy Russian cars), but it seems as if the brand has been hunting down designers over the past few years in its quest to expand their range. According to well placed sources, we have learned that its probably part of an internal shift in the company.

Some of the new watches include their new sub-brand – Wired with their XYZ chronograph (pictured above)

A. Designer: Harri Koskinen of Finland
Suggested Retail Price: $350-$550
Label: Issey Miyake
Manufacturer: Seiko

B. Label: Perry Ellis
Manufacturer: Seiko

Also, recently announced is Issey Miyake’s Vakio, which is his second series of wristwatches for Seiko, and a new license agreement with Perry Ellis.

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Editor’s Note: Guardian Blog Pick and other news

We just got picked by UK’s The Guardian as their blog of the week.

Jane Perrone of the Guardian writes – “This is a first for me: a blog about watches. As a fan of horology (current watch: 1960s Tressa automatic bought on eBay) this blog could keep me entertained for hours. My only request? More on vintage timepieces, please.”

Well Jane, We don’t intend to disappoint so watch this space.

Other than that, we have some topics we’ll be writing about in the future and if you think you have something to say, do email us:

1. The Future of Watches – We’re going to go over trends, predictions and current Industry attitudes towards change.

2. Have you ever had a question you wished you could ask a manufacturer or designer of a watch? Well then, email us and we’ll maintain a list that we’ll refer to whenever we get hold of one.

So drop us a line at wrist@wristfashion.com.

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June 22, 2004

Bling Bling is the new Black



I always thought that P Diddy was next after Russell Simons purchased the Jacob watch company, but i thought wrong – Jay-Z frogleaps Diddy with his new line of high-end timepieces for his Roc-A-Fella label.

Roc-A-Fella [Update] Damon Dash, Jay-Z’s partner in Roc-A-Fella (I’m not sure if he still has a stake in the RF) partnered with Daniel Lazar, a designer of watches and jewelry, to create the luxury watch collection called Tiret New York.

Tiret New York will unveil 25 watches at the JCK show in Las Vegas. (I wonder how they got in so easily. It takes 3 to 5 years of being on the waiting list to get into the Las Vegas Show.) The watches will retail for $18,000 to $175,000.

So far the Tiret seems a lot more tasteful than the Jacob. Watch this space for the rest of the collection.

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June 21, 2004

Clocks need love too

Rather than shun clocks like every other watch publication, We at Wrist Fashion embrace our obese cousins. So what if we can’t balance them on our wrists, they tell time too and they sure can do a little more, like the ones we gathered for our special roundup:

Name: Digital Dali
Designer: Normal
Dimensions: w180 x d115 x h158mm

Someone finally created Salvador Dali’s famous soft clocks. It even feels soft because of its silicon exterior.

Unfortunately, it only exists currently as a working prototype.

Name: World Time clock
Designer: Charlotte Van Der Waals, 2001
Manufacturer: Charlotte Van Der Waals, The Netherlands
Materials: Plastic, steel, glass
Dimensions: 2″ long 2″ dia
Price: $70.00
Store: Moss

Simplicity + Functionality – All you need to do is turn this twelve sided clock to change the time zones for each of the cities labeled. The label denotes the 12 o’clock marker.

Designer: Phillippe Starck
Company: Oregon Scientific

Philippe Starck has a thing for clocks and now he’s gone and designed one too and that also the Bruce Wayne of all clocks with its own personal bat signal. It displays the local weather too.

Name: Wall Organizer TaskWatch
Design: Artemy Lebedev, Ilya Mikhailov, Timur Bourbaev, Alexey Zalata
Release Date: 14.05.2004
Dimensions: 50×45, 50×90 and 100×90 cm.

You would think a wall organizer like this one would be practical – a whiteboard with a clock so you could write down your appointments or keep everyone informed, except the designers have created three models, each of them eccentric.

A. TaskWatch for girls
B. TaskWatch for the creative people. There are only arms for hours and seconds
C. TaskWatch for the office. Clock shows only working hours

Name: Time Table
Designer: Normal
Dimensions: W1300 x D800 x H750mm
Misc: The digit segment is made of electro-luminescent film which makes the strucutre very thin. (6cm)

And finally, trust Normal to come up with this – a slim digital clock table to accentuate your room.

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June 3, 2004

Queen of Hearts

I just love how this watch labelled its power reserve needle as a love gauge.

The Star Open Queen of Hearts chronograph from Zenith, while being a mouthful, is an automatic chronograph with a reserve in excess of 50 hours.

Movement: El Primero 4021 with 39 jewels
Water Resistence: 30 meters
Features: Double Sapphire Crystal
Case: 37.5mm

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Flowered Watch

For the women in your lives or for those in touch with their feminine side

Like most fashion brands, Cole Haan, best known for leather shoes and accessories, unveiled their own watch collection two years ago.

This is their latest model – The Flowered Watch. A stainless steel case surrounded by a leather cover done in flower motiffs.

Movement: Japanese quartz ebauche
Price: $195

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June 1, 2004

MoCoLoco: Coulheur

MoCoLoco: Coulheur

Even though i don’t intend to cover clocks, i really couldn’t pass up on it while browsing through Mocoloco.

Coulheur is a play on the words color and hour in French. “Bettina Dadon’s clock takes the three primary colours, shades them off and divides them… on three transparent disks which are associated with the three time units respectively.”

Designer: Bettina Dadon
Manufacturer: via.asso.fr

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